Havanese Dogs Make Perfect RV Company

If you are looking for the perfect companion dogs for your RV, you should certainly take a look at the Havanese breed. These little lap dogs don’t moult, they don’t bark* and they are super smart. Where many small dog breeds can be difficult to toilet train, a Havanese should never have trouble. The fact is, these clever little dogs can learn just about anything so if you are on the road with plenty of time, the only limit is your imagination.

Of course, if you just want a snuggly little fur baby to love you unconditionally and warm your lap on a cold winter day, the Havanese will slip into this role with pleasure. Havanese dogs adore being with their owners and house dwelling Havanese will trot around behind their owners as they travel from room to room. Get a cup of tea, they will follow you. Go to the bedroom, they will follow you. Go to the bathroom….. they will follow you. These little guys love their pack and if you love company, dogs do not come better recommended.

In an RV, the Havanese is REALLY in their element because they are small, tidy and happy to relax while you are off exploring, provided you give them lots of attention and a nice walk before you depart. They are also small enough that you can take them along and pick them up if you are in a space that frowns on dogs. That said, check with your local breeder first because a Havanese can typically range from 5kg – 10kg. If you plan on picking your dog up and carrying it around when you enter a shopping centre for example, the 5kg dog will be preferable.

The only thing to be aware of with Havanese dogs is they will not do well if continually left on their own for extended periods. They are generally fine for an hour or two and the odd day alone however they thrive when they can be with their owner 24/7 with only short breaks.

*Havanese most certainly can bark and growl and make all kinds of funny noises (almost like talking) however generally they are not yappy dogs and refrain from barking in a way that can be intrusive for others. This makes them great for RV ownership (visiting a national park for example and not having barking noises coming from your RV) however they are not so great as a guard dog. More likely, they will welcome any stranger who gives them attention in your absence and show no sign of remorse should you catch them at it.

If you are a bit of a homebody, you know your way around a set of dog clippers (remember they don’t moult so regular trimming is essential)and would like a smart companion dog who can be the life of any fireside gathering, a Havanese dog is one to have on your shortlist. They are a truly delightful little dog with lots of personality and if you are gentle with them and do not make them spend too much time alone, they will love you like life itself.


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