eBike Fun – Port Macquarie to Crescent Head

I love my RV toys. I initially borrowed the Focus Bold Squared eMTB to review as a companion for my bus motorhome and after six months and around one thousand kilometres of riding, I can honestly say this ebike has been a catalyst for renewed fitness, friendship and fun. Heck, I love it so much, I brought it.

My Focus bold squared ebike is brilliant to have around. Not just when I'm staying in my bus motorhome and I need to dash to the shops or a meeting. It's a great toy when I'm at home too.

When my friends Marcus and Talon cited their intentions to cycle a round trip from Port Macquarie to the little coastal town of Crescent Head return, this is not something I would normally put my hand up for.

What’s that you say? You want to ride forty plus kilometres through boggy sand and then turn around and ride home again. Ha, ha, ha, ha…

Wait - are you serious?

Even as they are telling me about it, the word ‘have fun’ and 'see you later' are already forming on my lips. My waving arm starts to twitch. Then I remembered I still had the Focus BOLD². 

I knew from the manual (ok, I did not read the manual, but I did quickly Google it) that the Focus BOLD² bicycle in question has a theoretical range of sixty kilometres but this figure seemed very grandiose.

Have you seen this bike? It looks completely normal. That’s because Focus went with a rather modest battery in order to accommodate it fully within the eMTB frame.  Stylishly integrated yes. Long lasting battery life? Not so sure. 

After six months of riding, I had only ever flattened the battery once and that was during a full out race where the Focus and I both gave our all. During the race I flicked between ‘Trail Mode’ and ‘Go You bastard’ and the battery lasted a little over thirty kilometres*. 

My plan with this up and coming ride would be to select the lowest power setting quaintly called ‘Eco Mode’ and nurse it as far as possible. Eco mode? Seriously? I think when you are riding a pushbike... even one with a battery and small electric motor, all the settings should start with 'Eco'. 

Slightly off topic but I once owned a push mower with ‘SPORT’ written down both  sides in proud lettering - Perhaps the guy who named my mower now works for Focus.

FOCUS: ‘What experience do you have with eBikes?’

GUY: ‘I don’t really have any bicycle experience but in my last marketing job, I stuck 'sports' stickers to  a lawn mower series. Sold like hot cakes. 

FOCUS: ‘Impressive’

GUY: Oh, that’s nothing. Before that, I worked for a breakfast food company and successfully named their cereal where one mouthful in three is sugar ‘Iron Man Food’ (citing). 

On second thoughts,  Focus would never hire that guy. The mower sport thing is kind of admirable from a marketing point of view but the ‘Iron Man Food’ thing crosses the line.

So, I agreed to accompany my friends on ‘the ride’ but set ground rules that I will only travel one way as I intended to lunch when I got to Crescent Head and not just because the Country Club does a mean Chicken Schnitty. Like many dedicated husbands, I really only like to lunch with my wife and Kids on weekends and since they would be travelling to Crescent Head to lunch with me, it made sense to accompany them all home again in the car rather than riding full circle. 

Marcus and Talon predictably called me a wimp citing the fact that I would be riding a power-assisted bicycle or ‘mobility scooter’ as Marcus likes to call it - but this, of course, was the real reason for my one-way strategy.

I felt confident that the Focus BOLD² could cover the distance one way and likely go even further BUT the round trip was going to be close to one hundred kilometres. I knew for sure that unless I strapped on an auxiliary battery (doing so doubles the range), there was no way the bike could carry me and my gear that far and stay powered for the duration.

I imagined the scene. Me, totally spent and still twenty kilometres from home. The Focus totally spent and twenty kilometres from home. No phone reception, no cars, no real road actually. Just me, the Focus and two mates giggling their asses off.  

Since buying the Focus, I have been gradually pimping it out with a rack, lights, all kinds of stuff. It likely weighs 26kg now with all the gear I have added to it and NO WAY would I be peddling that through deep sand with no motor to assist. Nope, not today, not this little duck.  

So I bet you are wondering if I made it to Crescent Head. Sure, I could tell you here but that would spoil the little video above I created for you. So if you have not already done so, view and enjoy! if you like it, be sure to subscribe to RV Life Australia on Youtube to see more great content soon.

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